Who we Are

Safe Room Security

was founded by safety and security expert York Barrett, whose mission is to help you:

Ensure the safety and security of your home and your workplace

Protect yourself, your family, and your coworkers

Learn valuable self-defense skills and strategies to confront any threat risk

Set up a safe room, establish a threat matrix, and implement an emergency action plan

York Barrett is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and has served as a Battalion Commander, Base Defense Officer, and Washington Army National Guard officer.

Through his Training Specialist certification with the University of Washington, York has gained valuable knowledge and experience in adult learning theory, the psychology of learning, curriculum development, and training delivery methods.

As an NRA-Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer, York has spent countless hours on the range and in the classroom perfecting his skills in self-defense and training methodologies.

York is also a certified Lethal Force Instructor trained by Massad Ayoob, renowned self-defense and firearms instructor, and founder of the Lethal Force Institute.

With this combination of high-level training and defense expertise, York Barrett is ideally suited and uniquely qualified to be your specialist for personal safety, security, and protection.

Let York

bring his depth of experience directly to you, with his elite safety training courses and consulting services.

Be aware. Be prepared. Be safe.